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10 Magic Users Who Could Defeat Bellatrix In Seconds (And 10 She’d Destroy)

If there’s one factor all of us discovered from the Harry Potter novels and movies, it is that not each magic consumer is identical. Some have a extra pure tendency to forged spells whereas others… not a lot. In any case, it might be a discovered artwork, however there are all the time going to be some individuals higher at it than others. One one that clearly had a grasp of the idea of magic was Bellatrix Lestrange. Whereas she might have been one of many evilest individuals from the Potterverse, there isn’t any denying she was a strong witch able to probably the most crafty makes use of of magic. All through her life, she tortured, maimed, and slaughtered various good witches and wizards, however that does not imply she was an omnipotent goddess able to going undefeated; anybody who is aware of her destiny is nicely conscious of that not being the case.

Whereas she might definitely flick a wand and trigger destruction, there are many witches and wizards unfold all through the Potterverse that would have defeated her underneath the suitable circumstances. She was gifted, however she was additionally insane and considerably simply distracted at occasions, which can have finally led to her downfall. No matter who she went up towards and what occurred within the tales, it is nonetheless enjoyable to think about how issues may need labored out in another way ought to she have confronted extra individuals in magical duels. This listing takes an admittedly subjective take a look at the wizards and witches within the Potterverse who might have put up a struggle with Harry Potter: Highly effective Magic Users Who Could Defeat Bellatrix In Seconds (And 10 She Would Destroy)

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Lord Voldemort

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Lord Voldemort

Let’s get the obvious out of the best way first: the one and solely Lord Voldemort, in any other case often known as Thomas Marvolo Riddle (simply do not name him that to his face). Bellatrix was his right-hand lady and when she was lastly taken down, he bellowed out in rage at her passing.

Whereas she was definitely a strong witch who earned Voldemort’s belief, it is extremely unlikely she might have defeated him in fight. His very presence was intimidating and awe-inspiring to her, which might be sufficient to place her at unease and make her a simple goal for him to benefit from in a duel.


In case you’ve learn Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix or seen the film, you already know that it was Bellatrix Lestrange who defeated Sirius Black. In the movie, she  hit him with probably the most dreaded curse, in any other case generally known as “Avada Kedavra.” All through all of Potter lore, there is just one one that has survived such a strike and it wasn’t Sirius Black.

In the e-book, she hits him with a curse, inflicting him to stumble into the Veil, which proves that she bested him in fight. Sirius was no slouch within the wizarding division, however finally, he would have all the time did not defeat her. He lacked the ruthless crafty wanted to tackle Bellatrix.


Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter

There is no denying Lord Voldemort had a sure worry of Albus Dumbledore. When the 2 fought, it was clear that they have been each extremely powerful wizards. What is not clear is whether or not or not Bellatrix had any comparable emotions towards former professor. In reality, her actions in his neighborhood recommend in any other case, which might probably have confirmed to be her downfall had they dueled.

Bellatrix would doubtless not present Dumbledore the respect a person of his knowledge deserved in battle. Add to that the truth that he carried the Elder Wand and there’s little hope that even a strong witch like Bellatrix might have defeated him. He would possible have taken her out comparatively simply, which can be why she did not take him on immediately.


Turning into an Auror within the Harry Potter universe is not any straightforward process, however establishing oneself as probably the greatest and most revered of all of them is almost unattainable. Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody was simply one of the crucial harmful wizards within the Potterverse, however he finally was defeated by none aside from Lord Voldemort himself. Although he was eradicated by Voldemort, he was one of the crucial spectacular wizards within the Order of the Phoenix.

Moody was chargeable for arranging the Battle of the Seven Potters, which led to his doom, however he might have defeated Lestrange in his prime. Sadly, he had gotten sluggish and maybe overconfident, which possible led to his downfall. A battle between him and Lestrange can be superb, however finally, the victor can be standing over his limp physique, cackling with delight.


Lengthy earlier than Tom Riddle got here onto the scene , there was one other darkish wizard who introduced chaos to the magical world. Gellert Grindelwald was thought-about to be probably the most powerful darkish wizard till Voldemort got here alongside.

On the peak of his power, Grindelwald was almost inconceivable to beat, however there was one who managed the duty, Albus Dumbledore. Seeing as Dumbledore would have defeated Lestrange in a battle and he was capable of cease Grindelwald, it appears unlikely Bellatrix might have managed to do rather more than annoy Grindelwald have been the 2 to duel. Grindelwald would have simply dispatched Lestrange and barely damaged a sweat within the course of.


Warwick Davis as Filius Flitwick in Harry Potter

Upon first look at Hogwarts’ Charms professor, most may underestimate him, however that may be a grave mistake. You aren’t getting to the place he held on the faculty with out understanding a factor or two about magic. Whereas a scholar at Hogwarts, he achieved almost good scores and continued to review magic after graduating. He competed in numerous occasions and went on to turn into a dueling champion.

Flitwick’s devotion to review and his mastery of magical duels make him a super combatant for Lestrange. The one cause she would take the higher hand in a battle can be her use of devious and dastardly assaults he won’t be ready for. It is true Flitwick might outduel anybody, however that is in trustworthy competitors, not real-world preventing.  Lestrange would not assume twice about utilizing an Unforgivable Curse to take the higher hand.


Snape in Harry Potter

The most effective issues about Severus Snape was that few individuals knew his true intentions till they have been lastly revealed on the very finish of his life. He was one of many bravest wizards in all the Potterverse because of his position as a double-agent working for the aspect of excellent whereas pretending to help Voldemort and the opposite Demise Eaters.

There is a cause he was capable of idiot everybody and it has rather a lot to do with how crafty and artistic he was. He created depraved curses and mastered potions far past anybody else’s expertise. In a traditional struggle, he could not have destroyed Dumbledore as he had, however towards Bellatrix, he probably would have held his floor and defeated her.


Robbie Jarvis as a young James Potter in the Harry Potter films

It is onerous to think about Harry’s dad as something however an skilled magic consumer who might deal with any state of affairs, however the fact of James Potter is that he wasn’t one of the best wizard on the earth throughout his life. In all probability, he wasn’t as gifted as Lily, however he did make Head Boy his seventh yr at Hogwarts and was a prepared combatant in the course of the First Wizarding Warfare as a member of the Order of the Phoenix.

As everyone knows, he was taken out by Lord Voldemort himself, shortly earlier than his spouse and son have been hit with the identical curse. From what we all know, it is possible he might have fought a duel towards Bellatrix, however seeing as he succumbed to the phrases “Avada Kedavra” by way of one darkish wizard, it is unlikely he might have stopped an evil witch from doing the identical.


There wasn’t a lot stated about Nymphadora Tonks within the unique collection or films, however there’s sufficient recognized about her to recommend she might defeat Bellatrix Lestrange in a struggle. Tonks was one of many youngest individuals to ever develop into an Auror. She additionally had the additional benefit of a being a Metamorphmagus.

Tonks is not probably the most powerful Auror to be discovered on this record, however that is not an actual drawback, as lots of her friends might defeat Lestrange. She was thought-about to be slightly below Kingsley Shacklebolt when it comes to potential and was a popular protégée of Mad-Eye Moody. She was additionally a member of the Order of the Phoenix and was entrusted with guarding Hogwarts through the remaining siege towards the varsity.


Peter Pettrigrew in a scene from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Given what he did all through the collection, J. Okay. Rowling ought to in all probability have made Peter Pettigrew a weasel as an alternative of a rat. The man was a traitor to his pals and a sniveling lackey to Voldemort who operated solely out of worry. That being stated, he was instrumental in returning Voldemort to life in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Hearth and was additionally an unregistered Animagus.

A struggle between Pettigrew and Lestrange would definitely be an fascinating one. They might each delve into their darkest luggage of tips to attempt to take the opposite one out, however in the long run, Lestrange can be the victor. She is a number of steps up on the ladder of evil than him for a cause and her expertise would prime his in a duel.


George Harris as Kingsley Shacklebolt in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Kingsley Shacklebolt is among the strongest Aurors on this listing, although he by no means led the group. He held a considerably excessive rank amongst his fellow Aurors and was entrusted with a number of essential duties in the course of the collection. He was put answerable for apprehending Sirius Black and given the duty of defending the Muggle PM following the return of Voldemort.

He immediately engaged the Darkish Lord through the Battle of Hogwarts and following that, he went on to grow to be the Minister for Magic and restored peace and order to the magical world. His capacity far outshone that of Lestrange, whom he would have simply defeated ought to the 2 have discovered themselves dealing with off towards each other.


Delores Umbridge

Bellatrix was an entertainingly evil villain, however followers really hated Dolores Umbridge. Her approach of guffawing and smirking each time somebody was harm made most individuals need to tear up the web page they have been studying or chuck a boot on the TV display— this was really an evil lady whose maniacal devotion to order led her immediately down the darkest path a wizard might go.

Regardless of her nature, she was a gifted witch with quite a few talents. She was proven to forged a sustained Patronus and attacked a Centaur. Nonetheless, regardless of her expertise, Umbridge’s capacity ranks far under Lestrange’s and whereas a battle between them can be enjoyable to observe, it is unlikely Umbridge would win.


Professor Minerva McGonagall at Hogwarts

Professor Minerva McGonagall is likely one of the strongest witches seen all through the Potterverse and was the primary witch we ever met within the collection. She has been at Hogwarts Faculty of Witchcraft and Wizardry longer than virtually anybody, although she did work on the Ministry of Magic for 2 years after graduating. She is a talented Animagus and an extremely powerful witch.

Do not let her conservative demeanor idiot you— she might favor order and a scarcity of shenanigans in her college students, however she would let herself be destroyed earlier than permitting them to return to hurt. Have been she thrust right into a duel towards Bellatrix, whom she as soon as taught, she would possible destroy her to save lots of the youngsters and the varsity.


Lucius Malfoy is an evil man. He might have fooled the Ministry into believing his antics in the course of the First Wizarding Conflict have been out of his management, however we knew higher. He was a crafty and devious man who would cease at nothing to make sure the security of his household and the integrity of his identify. Finally, that might show to be his downfall.

Regardless of this, he was a talented and gifted wizard who utilized numerous darkish artifacts and units to trick and wound his enemies. He fell in favor with the Darkish Lord and was just about underneath Bellatrix’s thumb towards the top of the collection, which suggests he could not have stood as much as her in a struggle. She outclassed him in means and capability for evil, which leads us to consider he would lose.


Statue of Salazar Slytherin

There are 4 homes on the Hogwarts Faculty of Witchcraft and Wizardry and every was named after one of many founders of the varsity. All 4 founders have been thought-about to be a few of the strongest wizards and witches of their age, however the one who has the legacy to recommend his work put him just a little excessive was Salazar Slytherin, the person whose identify would go on to turn into related to the Malfoys, Voldemort, and Bellatrix Lestrange herself.

Not all members of Slytherin home are evil, however just about each Slytherin depicted within the Harry Potter collection is way from good. Regardless of his legacy of evil, Salazar was a strong wizard who entrapped a Basilisk and will have simply dispatched the likes of Bellatrix, although he would like to recruit her to his trigger as an alternative.


Ronald Weasley is among the most beloved characters from the Potterverse. He performed an essential position all through the story and was integral find and destroying the varied Horcruxes unfold concerning the world by Voldemort. In phrases of magical means, he was all the time considerably missing and sometimes stood only a bit behind his friends, simply overshadowed by Hermione.

Regardless of his robust will and love for his buddies, he wasn’t expert sufficient as a wizard to do far more than sluggish Bellatrix Lestrange down for a second. He did accomplish fairly a bit within the collection, however Ron clearly is not a match for the insane Dying Eater. In the event that they confronted each other in battle, there’s little doubt Ron would succumb to no matter curses she determined to throw his method.


Everyone is aware of of Merlin the Magician from quite a few depictions in Arthurian fiction, in addition to a whole lot of different representations, together with the TV collection Merlin. This iconic character was additionally an completed wizard within the Harry Potter Universe as properly. Merlin attended Hogwarts way back and whereas he was youthful than the varsity’s founders, he eclipsed them in talent and powers at an early age.

Merlin’s affect led to the creation of the Order of Merlin, which acknowledges the “best and brightest” wizards and witches all through the magical group. Frankly, there isn’t any doubt Bellatrix can be defeated by Merlin. In any case, that is Merlin we’re speaking about; probably the most powerful wizard in all of fiction!


This one could also be a tough capsule to swallow seeing as Hermione Granger shouldn’t be solely one of the best scholar at Hogwarts, but in addition one of many major heroes of the books. Granted, so is Ron, however Hermione’s significance to the collection can’t be understated. She is a strong witch with talents rooted in her power, willpower, and fortitude.

Early within the collection, Hermione established herself as a drive to be reckoned with, however when push involves shove, she wasn’t close to the extent of talent wanted to defeat the likes of Bellatrix Lestrange. Hermione was good at defensive spells and charms, however she was as soon as caught and harm by Bellatrix, which ought to be sufficient to recommend she could not defeat the evil witch in a duel.


Simply as we needed to embrace the likes of Dumbledore and Voldemort on this listing, there was no approach we might go with out mentioning the witch who truly defeated Lestrange within the books and films. Molly Weasley was introduced all through the collection as a loving spouse and mom whose use of magic was restricted to caring for her household and cooking for the Order of the Phoenix.

That was what Molly was like at house and together with her associates, however when she wanted to, she might convey the ache. When Bellatrix attacked considered one of her youngsters, she used language theretofore remarkable within the collection and blasted Bellatrix into shards of inexperienced nothingness. Molly Weasley proved her talents by taking out Voldemort’s second-in-command and, given the chance, she would do it once more.


Harry Potter

Harry Potter might have been the first protagonist of the collection, however when he and Bellatrix, she merely toyed with him. She had quite a few alternatives to take him out however by no means did.

The rationale she by no means hit Harry with an “Avada Kedavra” in the course of the collection was as a result of Voldemort would not let her. He wanted Harry to be alive till Voldemort took him out, which is the one cause Harry was nonetheless respiration after encountering Lestrange. He may need fought a duel towards her later in life if that have been potential, however when he was a boy, he did not stand an opportunity.

Who would you most wish to see Bellatrix battle in Harry Potter? Tell us within the feedback!

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