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20 Things That Make No Sense About Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery blasted its approach into the Trek scene with equal elements controversy and success. No one can doubt the success of the collection – it has nice scores, particularly contemplating it was a streaming program, and it was the flagship present for the brand new CBS All Entry, which introduced in its most subscribers in consequence. Critically, the reception was combined, however principally favorable. Star Trek: Discovery was even nominated for a number of awards in visible results and gained the Saturn Award for Greatest New Media Tv collection. The look of the collection is phenomenal, and with manufacturing values rivaling that of the current Star Trek movies, Star Trek on TV has by no means appeared higher. Epic area battles, beautiful bridge photographs, unique locales, and memorable characters are all current in spades, however many followers are nonetheless slightly uneasy.

One comprehensible grievance is that it does not fairly appear to be Star Trek. Set about ten years earlier than Kirk’s notorious voyages on the Enterprise, the know-how appears much more superior than Star Trek: The Subsequent Era. The episodes are excessive on motion and low on technical mumbo-jumbo, and the signature cooperation between Federation officers appears changed by grim alliances and hidden information. Additionally in an enormous departure from custom, the present does not give attention to the Captain. Writers insist this story isn’t a reboot and occurs in canon, which leaves an open invitation for us detail-obsessed Star Trek followers to nitpick, which in fact, we simply type of really feel obligated to do. Listed here are 20 Things That Make No Sense About Discovery:

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Star Trek Discovery

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20 The place’s the Spore Drive within the Future?

Star Trek Discovery

The Spore Drive is among the coolest and most original parts to Star Trek: Discovery. Along with the normal warp drive, the Discovery makes use of secret know-how using unique fungal spores to entry a Mycelial Community: a subspace natural net that permeates the universe. When activated, which means the Discovery can leap to any level within the universe instantaneously, making it the quickest ship ever created.

This makes the Discovery well-suited for top-secret missions as this know-how is closely wanted by the Federation’s enemies; it will give any civilization an enormous edge over others. So, the place is it sooner or later? Even when categorised, why not even a whiff of a rumor that such know-how existed by the point we obtained to Picard’s period? For no matter purpose, this tech vanishes with no hint, identical to the Discovery.

19 Discovery’s Tech Is Superior In contrast To The Unique Collection

Star Trek Discovery

As we recall from the unique collection, Kirk nonetheless hand-signed vital paperwork on clipboards and used push-button know-how and clunky tactical shows. Nevertheless, the crew of Discovery employs holographic interfaces, galaxy-leaping know-how just like the Spore Drive, and human-machine hybrid interfaces for navigation. Is that this even the identical universe?

In that case, then the Discovery makes Kirk’s Enterprise appear to be a biplane as compared. Although with the brand new season, it seems Enterprise may additionally be going via a retroactive refit. Maybe the reason is straightforward: it is 2018, not 1965, and we now have the manufacturing know-how to make this present look superior — and it definitely does.

18 The Federation Would By no means Think about Elimination

Star Trek Discovery

Close to the top of the primary season, Earth is dealing with an imminent Klingon assault with not almost sufficient ships to defend it. To counter, the Federation makes the questionable choice to make use of the Discovery to “leap” contained in the Klingon’s residence planet, Qo’noS (a.okay.a Chronos or Kling). As soon as there, the plan was to have the crew unwittingly place a hydro bomb that may set off a sequence response to make the planet uninhabitable. The crew discovers the plan earlier than its too late and comes up with an alternate that saves each Qo’noS and Earth.

The Federation argues that in such a dire state of affairs, they can not afford the posh of rules, however as Burnham factors out, rules are all they’ve. Was the Federation ever this morally depleted? It looks like a darker “Utopian” authorities than Roddenberry imagined.

17 The Federation Promotes Georgiou from the Mirror Universe

Star Trek Discovery

Properly, we type of know why they might. Philippa Georgiou was a masterful Captain earlier than she was defeated by the hands of the Klingons, however her Mirror Universe counterpart survived and was twice as cruel and masterful because the Georgiou that perished. As soon as she made it again from the Mirror Universe, the Federation noticed a chance to move her off as the unique.

However why? Nicely, to finish morally difficult missions that no different Starfleet Officer would, like destroying the Klingon homeworld. This can be a cynical and bleak view of the Federation, likening them to the CIA or a totalitarian empire. If the Federation is already this darkish, what makes them totally different than the Romulans or the Cardassians? Kirk, Picard, Janeway, and Sisko all would have instantly locked Georgiou up. One thing’s rotten on the prime.

16 If They Have the Capability, Why Do not Klingons Impersonate People Within the Future?

Star Trek Discovery

In one of many shocking turns of the collection, Lieutenant Ash Tyler is revealed to be the Klingon “Voq” in disguise. Nicely, everlasting disguise as he cannot actually change again. As Klingon L’Rell explains: “The one you call ‘Tyler’ was captured in battle at the binary stars. We harvested his DNA, reconstructed his conscious, and rebuilt his memory. We modified Voq into a shell that appears Human. We grafted his psyche into Tyler’s, and in so doing, Voq has given his body and soul for our ideology.”

If this have been potential within the Trek universe, then why is not the Federation riddled with Klingon spies? Throughout Kirk’s time, all the best way as much as the sixth film, they might have utterly taken over with this type of espionage. It is attainable they determined it wasn’t moral, however that does not appear to be a consideration that the Klingons would take.

15 Klingons Look Inconsistent In contrast To The Remainder of Trek

When the Klingons first appeared on Star Trek: Discovery, devoted followers hardly acknowledged them as they appeared extra reptilian than Klingon. Gone have been their signature lengthy manes, dramatic eyebrows, and sinister goatees; they really had no physique hair in any respect, and their leather-based uniforms and sashes have been changed by elaborate Shakespearean tunics adorned with spiky metallic and gauntlets. Plus, they spoke… so… slowly.

As of but, there could also be a solution to clarify this within the continuity as all of the Klingon homes weren’t but unified and maybe one faction had advanced individually than the others. However, no such rationalization has but been provided. To be truthful, the unique collection had totally different, extra human-looking Klingons than the films and subsequent collection, however now, we’re all nonetheless getting used to calling these unusual issues Klingons.

14 How Is It That Klingon Ships Are So Superior?

Star Trek Discovery

Along with their new look, the Klingons have been seen sporting their largest ship that’s ever seen within the canon, an intricate and menacing beast referred to as the Sarcophagus. The Sarcophagus might simply tackle a number of Federation ships on the similar time, all whereas wanting just like the most formidable spaceship ever created.

The Sarcophagus even had cloaking know-how, which in accordance with established canon, was not alleged to be utilized by Klingons till lengthy into Kirk’s tenure. Why wasn’t the Klingon empire full of those ships? If that is the one one, then why? Later within the season, the Discovery positive aspects the power to detect the ship and destroy it, however that does not clarify why they by no means constructed one other one.

13 Why Is Star Trek: Discovery Not On The Official CBS Community?

Star Trek Discovery

Kicking off a brand new Star Trek TV present is a serious, main occasion. Many followers would nonetheless argue that tv is the perfect medium for the franchise as its wealthy themes lend themselves properly to episodic storytelling. The final time we had a present Star Trek TV collection on the air was Star Trek: Enterprise again in 2005.

The fan base is already built-in, and nearly as good because the scores have been on CBS All Entry, they might have been by way of the roof with a platform like community TV. Plus, they might have their cake and eat it too; there would have been nothing stopping them from placing the episodes on streaming as soon as that they had aired. Maybe CBS All Entry wanted Star Trek to get it going, however it’s uncertain the reverse is true.

12 Why Did Spock By no means Point out He Had An Adopted Human Sister?

Star Trek Discovery

It isn’t solely out of character for Spock to be tight-lipped about his household. Within the unique collection, Spock did not reveal that Sarek was his father immediately, and he additionally failed to say that he had been organized to be married since he was seven. Over 20 years later, it slipped his thoughts that he had a half-brother named Sybok.

Nevertheless, this simply appears past the pale. It looks like it might have come up that his half-sister, Michael Burnham, was a well-known mutineer-turned-hero and served on a top-secret ship that helped the Federation win towards the Klingons, which finally saved planet Earth. That looks like it will make for some nice tales over some Romulan Ale and a good way to drive McCoy bonkers. Season two will function Spock closely, so we hope we’ll get some solutions right here.

11 Why No Point out of the Klingon Struggle within the Remainder of Trek?

Star Trek Discovery

The Federation-Klingon Conflict is proven in nice element in Star Trek: Discovery. Michael Burnham performed an instrumental position within the opening skirmish, which was later often known as The Battle on the Binary Stars. The struggle lasted roughly a yr, a yr that noticed the Federation lose about 20% of its territory to the Klingons, and hundreds of Starfleet officers misplaced their lives.

But, that is the primary time Trek followers are listening to about it. Positive, there’s mentions of skirmishes and some battles up to now canon because the Klingons and the Federation have been all the time at odds with one another within the unique collection, however that is like studying about current world historical past and by no means studying about World Conflict II. There’s nothing that outright contradicts that this occurred, regardless that different a lot much less vital historic occasions are talked about a number of occasions. This conflict appears shoe-horned in.

10 Minimal Safety When Transferring Most Safety Prisoners

Star Trek Discovery

When transferring harmful prisoners between amenities, would not it make sense to safe them correctly? In our world, we chain prisoners’ ankles and wrists on a safe bus or van and typically even chain them collectively, with a number of armed guards contained in the bus along with the driving force.

So, why ought to there be even much less safety on a spaceship? It appears to be simply the pilot and no armed guards. Even cuffed, would not it’s straightforward for these prisoners to gang up on the pilot and escape? What occurs if one thing goes flawed? Nicely, one thing did go mistaken and the pilot did not make it. Fortunately, they have been rescued by the Discovery, an occasion that isn’t as random because it might sound.

9 Saru’s Hazard Sense

Star Trek Discovery

Saru is a member of the Kelpien race and the one one in Starfleet. He assumed command of the Discovery a number of occasions within the first season.

Members of Saru’s species have been periodically hunted down and sacrificed by the Ba’ul, a predatory race that was technologically much more superior. Maybe because of this, Kelpiens developed a way when deadly hazard was close by. For Kelpiens, “threat ganglia” on the again of their necks increase when this happens. This may be defined equally to Spider-Man’s “Spider-Sense” in that it produces a heightened feeling of consciousness and unease. It is also just like “Spider-Sense” in that it does not actually have a rational rationalization. How does this work precisely? Is there some sort of premonition occurring? Some type of paranormal exercise? Up to now, this does not have a lot of a scientific rationalization.

eight How Did Part 31 Discover Out Georgiou is From The Mirror Universe?

Star Trek Discovery

The Federation tried to cover that Georgiou is from the Mirror Universe. So, if Part 31 (the CIA of the Federation) came upon, it is a thriller as to how. From their assembly, it is implied he is been briefed, however Part 31 runs independently of the Federation. There’s even some hypothesis that they’re actually those in cost, nevertheless it’s unlikely that the higher-ups on the Federation would have willingly given up this secret.

Being an intelligence group, perhaps that they had a mole on the within or some type of surveillance on the very prime of the Federation’s selections. If that is the case, then there’s nothing they do not know about what is going on on. How Part 31 operates continues to be unknown, so for now, all of the operative stated about it was, “We are far more resourceful. That’s how we found you.”

7 How Are the Spores So Delicate If The Community Can Exist in Deep Area?

Star Trek Discovery

When describing the Spore Drive (also referred to as the S-Drive) to Michael Burnham, Captain Lorca stated: “Imagine a microscopic web that spans the entire cosmos. An intergalactic ecosystem. An infinite number of roads leading everywhere.” Right here on Earth, an interconnected community of fungal threads generally known as the Mycelial Community connects ecosystems over nice distances. The writers imagined that the identical exists in outer area on a microscopic degree, connecting all elements of the universe. That is a few cool, fascinating science fiction!

Which means this cosmic community is ready to survive the void of area, however the spores that the Discovery makes use of to entry the cosmic Mycelial Community have to be grown and harvested in exacting circumstances. Should not they be robust as nails in the event that they’re associated to the cosmic community they’re speaking with? This does not fairly add up.

6 When Did Sarek Turn out to be So Telepathically Highly effective?

As we have seen over the previous fifty years of canon or so, Vulcans are a surprisingly superior species. Along with their impeccable logic, unimaginable intelligence, and loyalty to the Federation, they’ve a number of extra shocking expertise. They will do fairly a number of issues that people cannot, just like the Vulcan nerve pinch or the Vulcan thoughts meld. As seen in Star Trek III: The Seek for Spock, they will additionally briefly home their “Katra” (dwelling spirit) inside one other individual’s physique.

However, at no level within the collection have been we capable of see a Vulcan mentally talk over an amazing distance, akin to psychological telepathy or holographic projection. Sarek accomplishes this together with his adoptive daughter, Michael Burnham. Since they’ve mind-melded earlier than, it’s theorized that Burnham has a bit of Sarek’s “Katra” to allow them to talk this manner, however can different Vulcans do that? And in that case, why have not we seen it earlier than?

5 The First Two Episodes

Structurally, the opening two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery are problematic. That’s as a result of they do not start originally, however start earlier than the start, like a prequel. The present followers thought they have been watching was truly type of cool. It might have been intriguing to see extra adventures aboard the united statesS. Shenzhou, however that turned out to not be the present we have been in for.

It isn’t lengthy earlier than the united statesS. Shenzhou is destroyed by Klingons, Captain Georgiou slain, and our hero Michael Burnham is already convicted as a traitor. She does not even board the Discovery till episode three. It is a bizarre solution to begin a present since we’ve got to undergo introductions twice. Would not it have it been higher to start out on the Discovery and slowly unravel the thriller of what occurred prior to now via flashbacks?

four Timeline Issues

Star Trek Discovery

Within the upcoming season, the Discovery crew will meet Captain Pike on the Enterprise and Spock will probably be featured closely within the storyline, however it’s nonetheless unsure precisely the place we’re on the timeline. If it is ten years earlier than Kirk, then technically, Captain April can be in cost.

Nevertheless, the writers insist it is all the identical timeline. At WonderCon 2018, co-showrunner Aaron Harberts confirmed: “The idea was to always be in the Prime Timeline. Obviously, there are questions and concerns and things that are different. Our technology is a little different…We are our own show in a lot of ways. Season two is really exciting for us. This is our opportunity to really show how Discovery fits into this Prime Timeline. We are firmly committed to that.” Hopefully, future tales will assist clarify the opposite obvious inconsistencies within the timeline.

three Why Is the Crew So Lenient On Ash?

Star Trek Discovery

By the point Captain Lorca “rescues” Ash from being prisoner aboard a Klingon starship, he’s already  experiencing PTSD due to the tough circumstances of his “interrogation.” He isn’t conscious but, at the very least consciously, that he’s a sleeper agent with the Klingon’s Voq’s id locked inside his mind. In some ways, he’s solely a shadow of what Ash as soon as was.

Involved for the welfare of his adoptive crew, he asks to be examined by Dr. Culber, however when he comes near discovering the reality, Ash ends Culber’s life. Ultimately, the reality comes out and Voq’s character is extracted from his mind. Tyler nonetheless considers himself a menace to the crew and asks to be confined to the Brig. Bafflingly, Saru settles for simply an digital monitor. In any case they have been by way of, why take the prospect?

2 Why Do The Uniforms Look So In contrast to the Unique Collection?

Star Trek Discovery

This one is only a actually onerous one to elucidate away. Provided that the writers insist that is the Prime Timeline, the identical on the unique collection, how can we clarify how totally different the uniforms are? Even the Kelvin timeline tried to make the uniforms seem like the unique collection.

A clue could be derived from the trailer of the second season, the place Captain Pike wears a uniform that appears far more like the unique collection, except the asymmetrical collar like they put on on Discovery. An argument could be made that as a result of they’re on a top-secret ship, their uniforms conform to a unique look and protocol. However, the admiralty has comparable uniforms to Discovery, so that does not fairly reduce it both. Perhaps one of many tailors is from the Mirror Universe…

1 Why is Everybody so Unfriendly on the Discovery?

Star Trek Discovery

For at the least the primary half, Trek followers might have been baffled by how unfriendly the crew of the Discovery appears to be. Excluding the unflappably perky Sylvia Tilly, everybody else looks like they are going by way of a divorce with one another. Some issues may clarify it, although. Captain Lorca is from the Mirror Universe, however the crew does not realize it; the story is informed from the attitude of Burnham, who everybody thinks is a traitor; tensions are excessive as a result of they have not perfected the Spore Drive but, they usually’re in the midst of a warfare.

Additionally, maybe due to three totally different Captains, with Stamets going mad and two extra traitors being revealed on the crew… perhaps they by no means have an opportunity to gel. However, one factor we might like to see is a crew well-bonded and able to joke round occasionally.

What else do you assume does not fairly add up on Discovery? Tell us within the feedback under!

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