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Antarctic cruise docked in front of mountains

A mere hundred years in the past, going to Antarctica was solely the realm of hardened, grizzled explorers who didn’t thoughts being away from house for years and dropping a toe or three. Flash ahead to 2019, and you’ve received ships with wine pairing dinners and butler service making dozens of journeys there a yr. Although getting there’s not low cost, the White Continent is now absolutely accessible to anybody who can afford it. Nevertheless it’s nonetheless not so simple as taking a 10-day tour across the Caribbean.

As a result of Antarctica is actually like no place else on the earth, there’s rather a lot you ought to know earlier than going. Like how a lot it prices and how lengthy it takes to get there. And if there’s WiFi. We had an opportunity to make the voyage aboard the Silversea Silver Cloud, and listed here are some useful issues to know if you’re contemplating a cruise to Antarctica.

Antarctic cruise docked in front of mountains

Photograph: Laura Grier

1. It’ll take two days simply to get to the port of departure.

Antarctica is a loooong means down there. You may need guessed this taking a look at a map, however the extent of how really distant it’s gained’t hit you till you take a nine- or 10-hour flight to Chile or Argentina, spend the night time there, then take ANOTHER three-to-four-hour flight to Ushuaia or Punta Arenas, Chile. That is earlier than you even begin the days-long journey to the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. A weekend getaway this isn’t. Finances at the least two weeks earlier than you even take a look at cruises.

2. Cruises are lengthy. And costly.

Retrofitting a ship to navigate probably the most treacherous waters on the planet isn’t low cost. And there are not any economies of scale on a 200-passenger ship. So whereas getting to Antarctica isn’t the months-long journey solely possible for giant governments that it was not way back, it’s nonetheless a serious funding of cash and time. The typical cruise prices within the neighborhood of $1,000 a day and runs anyplace from 11 to 18 days.

Antarctic cruise at sea

Photograph: Laura Grier

three. You’ll spend a LOT of time at sea.

Once more, and I can’t stress this sufficient, Antarctica is WAY the hell down there. So after you see your final spot of land within the Falkland Islands or South Georgia or elsewhere, you’ll probably go three arduous days over the water earlier than leaving the ship. Then, as soon as you’re in Antarctica, it’s not just like the port calls are filled with seaside eating places and duty-free jewellery outlets. You’ll get a couple of hours off the ship, then it’s again on board for the remainder of the day. What we’re saying is, pack some books and board video games.

four. You’ll in all probability have WiFi, nevertheless it’s extra like 36okay.

With so many hours on the ship, an inexpensive individual in 2019 may assume you might whereas away the hours binging on Netflix and video chatting with buddies again residence. That, in fact, can be assuming you have a high-speed connection. The WiFi on the ships is usable, nevertheless it’s comparable to 1999 dial-up speeds. So whereas it’s a marvel of know-how you can nonetheless reply emails on the backside of the world, you’re not precisely gonna be streaming Narcos.

cruise ship in antarctic waters

Photograph: Laura Grier

5. Drake’s Passage is not any joke.

The stretch of sea between the southern islands off South America and the northern tip of Antarctica is a stunning little channel generally known as Drake’s Passage. Named after explorer Sir Francis, not the man who performed Wheelchair Jimmy on Degrassi. Some days it may be calm as a lake. Some days it may possibly have 20-foot swells. Most days it’s someplace in between, however you’ll doubtless spend the higher a part of the 48-hour journey by way of it stumbling by means of the hallways of your ship prefer it’s the French Quarter at four:00 AM.

The fitness center may be closed as a result of weights fall off the cabinets, and some meals service may be restricted if the seas are too tough. If you’re simply seasick, you won’t be leaving your room at some stage in Drake’s Passage. Then you get to do all of it once more on the best way again. Bring Dramamine and seasick wristbands.

6. You possibly can solely be on land for a number of hours at a time.

Antarctica isn’t owned by anybody nation, however visitation is ruled by the Worldwide Affiliation of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO), which units guidelines and laws to protect the continent. Amongst them is that solely a sure variety of individuals could also be ashore at anybody spot in Antarctica. This implies you and your shipmates will go ashore in teams, and just for a restricted time. This manner everybody will get an opportunity to play within the snow and take penguin selfies, if just for a few hours. The draw back is the ratio of hours traveled to time on land might be the shortest of anyplace on the earth.

close up of ship in antarctic waters

Photograph: Laura Grier

7. Colour in Antarctica is all or nothing.

After a number of days at sea you’ll actually begin to recognize how excited pirates in these films get once they spot a palm tree and yell, “Land, ho!” That first iceberg you see out your cabin window can be a marvel, and if the clouds keep overhead, you’ll spend your journey in an eerie black and white panorama of towering ice and steely water. Nevertheless, if the solar comes out, it’s much more intense than it’s up north and makes the sky and water a brilliantly intense blue. It additionally makes the snow a blinding white, and the specs of orange and pink on the wildlife shine.

eight. Antarctica takes cross-contamination very critically.

Regardless that it could be robust for something to develop within the harsh circumstances of Antarctica, no one is taking the prospect. Earlier than you set foot on Antarctic soil, all garments you plan to put on ashore should bear an agricultural inspection, making certain you’re not inadvertently transporting any seeds or different natural life onto the continent. You even have to put on particular boots which are solely worn ashore and are stored in a separate altering room.

penguin walking on pebbles in antarctica

Photograph: Laura Grier

9. Animals usually are not afraid of you.

As soon as ashore, you’ll encounter giant colonies of penguins and sporadic seals lazing across the ice packs. As a result of they not often see people, they don’t worry us and as such will waddle or slide proper up to you out of brazen curiosity. The overall rule is to keep 15 ft away in any respect time, but when a penguin needs to comply with you round, you don’t have to run.

10. By day 4 you’ll be sick of penguins.

The primary day, they’re cute. By day 4 you’ll be questioning why all of them stay on prime of their very own shit and will begin complaining concerning the odor.

Antarctic mountain landscape

Photograph: Laura Grier

11. Antarctica is filled with mountains.

The imaginative and prescient many have of Antarctica is a bit like North Dakota with penguins. Massive, flat, barren, and snowy. However the mountains alongside the peninsula and the islands that encompass it are breathtaking white peaks, like somebody dropped the Andes in the midst of the ocean. The surroundings is like nothing else, and even merely taking a Zodiac experience across the water is likely one of the most magical experiences on the earth.

12. Your itinerary is versatile.

The climate in Antarctica can change in seconds. It’s a spot the place you get up to good sunshine, and 20 minutes later you’re in the midst of a blizzard. This implies you’ll get to do cool stuff like sail via frozen ocean, however it additionally means your schedule won’t ever be sure. Your touchdown vacation spot could also be inaccessible due to ice or wind, and your Antarctic shore tour is perhaps changed by a day snowball battle on the pool deck. Odds are you’ll get to shore at the very least a couple of occasions, however it won’t be as many as you’d hoped.

group of tourists wearing red jackets against white snow in Antarctica

Photograph: Laura Grier

13. You gained’t have the opportunity to discover by yourself.

As a part of IAATO’s efforts to protect the land and animals of Antarctica, guides mark very particular trails you should keep on when you land. That is completed for quite a few causes, amongst them so you don’t depart deep footprints that unwitting penguins fall into. You’ll have loads of area to hike round, however you shall be together with your shipmates your complete time. Privateness hours may have to be in your room onboard.

14. Chances are you’ll not step on mainland Antarctica… nevertheless it nonetheless counts!

Most Antarctic cruises take you to the Antarctic Peninsula, which if you take a look at a map of the continent is just a little like Antarctica’s Florida. Like Florida, it has quite a few barrier islands off the coast which are in style touchdown spots for cruise ships. As a result of climate typically prohibits mainland landings on the peninsula, you might solely trek on the mountainous islands offshore. Some individuals assume this implies they haven’t actually been to Antarctica and are disillusioned they dropped the worth of a Kia to solely set foot on a barrier island. However you’d be hard-pressed to discover anybody who’s been to Key West and stated they didn’t actually go to Florida.

tourists kayaking in antarctic waters

Photograph: Laura Grier

15. The water in Antarctica is insanely clear.

The present across the Antarctic Ocean is a part of what causes these nasty waves in Drake’s Passage. It additionally does a particularly efficient job of retaining all of the crap in the remainder of the world’s oceans away from Antarctica, which suggests the water is nearly completely clear, so you can actually look down out of your balcony onto penguins swimming alongside the ship and dolphins rushing proper beside them.

16. It’s not as deathly chilly as you assume.

Granted, it’s not a tropical trip. However Antarctica in summer time isn’t terrifyingly chilly both. If the solar comes out, you may even have days within the excessive 30s or low 40s. Colder days can drop into single digits. Nevertheless it’s extra like a nasty day in Chicago than it’s, say, winter in Siberia. Bring loads of lengthy underwear, winter garments, and an excellent coat. However don’t worry the chilly if you hail from someplace heat.

Group of penguins on iceberg

Photograph: Cha Kar Pa/Shutterstock

17. You completely should do the “polar plunge.”

Most ships supply a “polar plunge,” the place daring passengers can bounce within the Antarctic Ocean for a number of seconds from the aspect of the ship. Water is usually sub-freezing, and by the point you swim again to the ladder, you gained’t have the ability to really feel your ft. Nevertheless it’s a as soon as in a lifetime alternative, almost-completely-safe with rescue rafts and medical personnel, and you’ll have a pleasant heat Jacuzzi to heat up in after.

Cruise ship passengers looking at a beautiful iceberg at Antarctica

Photograph: Christian Wilkinson/Shutterstock

18. If you’ve received the cash, it’s completely value it.

Regardless of the tough seas, restricted time ashore, and spotty WiFi, going to Antarctica is the uncommon expertise that may’t be in contrast to anything. It’s the final really wild place on the planet, with no authorities, no society, and virtually no contact with the surface world. It’s distant, excessive, and lovely. And if you can afford the journey down, you’ll haven’t any regrets coming again.

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